Coffee Cupping in Hainan China

Grand Parade Imports attended the 2018 Coffee Expo in Hainan, China. With rising living standard and a developing domestic coffee market, it is believed that China, this traditional tea-drinking country, could also becomes one of the world largest coffee consumption countries in future. That said, the coffee culture in China represents a young, emerging middle class and their growing purchasing power instead of tastes and brewing techniques. Coffee is becoming more accepted and appeals to the adventurous, open-minded, young, affluent, urban consumers in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Hainan is no exception! This Hawaii-like city has taken notice of the consumer trends in coffee and is dedicating finances to build a market place for great coffee for local coffee roasters and importers. 

Grand Parade Imports cupping Specialty Kenya Coffee, unroasted coffee beans in Hainan, China

The Hainan Coffee Expo was well attended by major coffee importers, China government officials and local coffee enthusiasts. We sampled our specialty Kenyan coffees and held a cupping session that drew the attention of the notable baristas and coffee roasters.

Grand Parade Coffee meets major local coffee importers, buyers and baristas in Hainan, China