Grand Parade Coffee is a sustainable importer of specialty green coffee from East Africa, a region renowned for producing some of the world's best coffees. We take a direct trade approach to sourcing, one that builds equitable partnerships with farmers and empowers their communities. 


We sell to roasters all over the world and have a great online selection of in-season Coffee Offerings - shop a 10-bag pallet, single 60kg bag or 20lb box of coffee. For coffee roasters looking to purchase container(s) with forward FOB contracts and shipped to any port in the world, Grand Parade's trade and logistics team will work with you thought out the entire process. 



"We invest in our farmers and their communities before, during and after the coffee harvest."

Farmers are the bedrock of our business. With this blueprint, we focus on building solid partnerships with farmers and co-operatives. We pay our farmers premium prices for their coffees which they use improve the quality of their coffee and fund community programs like clean water, education and healthcare.

We focus on coffees from East Africa, mainly Kenya and Ethiopia. With this singular focus, we have unmatched access to exceptional coffees that we share with our coffee roasters.



"A Grand Parade coffee is elegantly complex yet approachable with pronounced aromatic flavors."

We focus on sourcing the highest quality of specialty coffees.  Every coffee we buy at Origin is cupped several times before purchase and re-cupped on arrival in the US before it is sold to our roasters. Grand Parade coffees are packed, transported and stored in moisture-proof GrainPro bags.

We stand behind the quality of our coffees and aim to create a gourmet coffee experience for our roasters, one that culminates in brewing and serving the best cup of coffee.