Unique to Kenyan coffee, this micro-lot is celebrated for its balanced mix of Jamaica's Blue Mountain and Kenya Bourbon varieties. The result is a sparkling coffee with notes of tropical fruit delicately balanced with a silky butterscotch finish. This very special coffee is farmed on the Keera Estate in Kisii County, a mountainous region in the Western Highlands of Kenya with arguably the highest records of rainfalls thanks to its strategic position to Lake Victoria and the heavily foliaged Kisii Highlands. This catchment resembles the Jamaica Blue Mountains with its mild climate, fertile land and picturesque undulating hills.

The coffee estate produces about 30 tons of cherries annually. Ripe cherries are de-pulped and double fermented with periods of intermittent washing and soaking using fresh water from the River Gucha. Washed coffee is moved to pre-drying tables to drain excess water and later spread on permanent raised-beds where they are covered during the hottest part of the day to allow even drying. 

  • Producer: Keera Estate

  • Region: Kisii County . Kenya

  • Varietal: Blue Mountain . Bourbon [ SL 28 . SL 34 ]

  • Altitude:  1,800 - 2,000 meters

  • Soil:  Volcanic Loam

  • Process: Fully-Washed | Dried on Raised-Beds