This classic Kenyan coffee shines with the traditional cherry tomatoes flavors beautifully balanced with cane sugar sweetness and grapefruit-lemon acidity. A black tea mouthfeel rounds off this coffee's syrupy body.

Our micro-lot coffee is grown by small-holder farmers of the Makuri factory under the Kathambara co-operative in Meru County, Kenya. Kathambara is one of 48 co-operatives under with the Meru County Coffee Millers Union which is committed to seeking fair prices for its member's coffees and to providing financial and educational support to all its members. Member farms are located on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya and enjoy the red friable volcanic soils that give this coffee the renowned sparkling acidity and pronounced sweetness infamous of Kenyan coffees.

Makuri boasts 300 members producing about 10,000 kilos of coffee. Members deliver their selectively hand-picked ripe cherries daily to the mill's collection station where they are carefully hand sorted to remove damaged and under-ripe cherries. Cherries are de-pulped and double fermented with periods of intermittent washing and soaking using fresh water from the Kathita river. This major water source originates in the upper north-eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya and flows through the town of Meru, and finally into the Tana river. Washed coffee is moved to pre-drying tables to drain excess water and later spread on permanent raised-beds where they are covered during the hottest part of the day to allow even drying. Once dried the coffee is delivered to the Meru County Coffee Mill where it is hulled, polished, sorted and graded.

  • Producer: Makuri Small-holder Farmers

  • Region: Meru County . Kenya

  • Varietal: Bourbon [ SL 28, SL 34,  Ruiru 11]

  • Altitude:  1,650 - 1,800 meters

  • Soil:  Volcanic Loam

  • Process: Fully-Washed | Dried on Raised-Beds