This micro-lot AA coffee is grown by the 500 plus small-holder farmers of the Mayekwe co-operative in Bungoma, Kenya. This county which derives its name from the Bukusu word engoma (drums) is renowned for its sugar cane plantations. Coffee farmers here are determined to improve production to supplement a troubled and failing sugar industry plagued with insurmountable debts and old infrastructure. That said, there is a great focus on sustainability as farmers compete with their peers in Central Kenya where most renowned coffees have generally been produced. As a testament to their dedication, members produce about 40 tons of red ripe cherries on the 80 plus hectares of farmland located on the southeastern slopes of Mount. Elgon. Here, coffees enjoy plenty of rainfall, relatively warm weather and mineral rich volcanic soils that leave a distinct hallmark in flavor.

  • Producer: Mayekwe Co-op Small-holder Farmers 

  • Region: Bungoma County . Kenya

  • Varietal: Blue Mountain . Bourbon [ SL 28 . SL 34 ]

  • Altitude:  1,800 - 2,000 meters

  • Soil:  Volcanic Loam

  • Process: Fully-Washed | Dried on Raised-Beds