Single Origin Organic

Organic Guatemala Antigua SHG EP


FLAVOR: Berry, Almond, Dark Chocolate

How it tastes? Smooth & bold coffee with tropical fruit flavors and subtle caramel notes that pop as the cup cools. The acidity is soft with hints of berry and orange flavors that are offset by a lovely chocolate body.
Weight: 20 LB
How it tastes?  Exceptional blackberry and candied orange offset by a lovely, dark chocolate body. Rich layers of caramel add complexity to the cup.

The acidity is soft acidity and has a tangy blackberry, candied citrus-like quality.

Full-bodied and smooth, this coffee's finish is clean and balanced with a pleasing almond brittle aroma.
Recommended Roast: Medium - Dark
Medium roast develops a complex cup with bold chocolate and caramel undertones.

Dark roast develops layers of dark toffee sweetness with a raisin and blackberry jam fruit note.

A versatile Guatemalan coffee that will yield a smooth, juicy cup at a wide range of roasts.
  • Organic, GMO-free
  • Roast coffee prior to use
  • 100% Specialty arabica
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Direct Trade, Fair Trade
  • Packaged in 2-ply foil bag

Organic Guatemala Antigua

Guatemalan Antigua coffee is arguably the crown jewel of Central America. Our Organic Guatemalan single origin coffee is farmed by the Zelaya family, renowned for producing great single origin coffees. The farm is located in Antigua, a region that sits between the Fuego, Acatenango & Agua volcanoes that deposit layers of nutrient rich, organic minerals.

PRODUCER Zelaya Family
REGION Antigua, Guatemala
HARVEST Nov '21 - April '22
ARRIVAL Jan - Aug '22
PROCESS Fully Washed & dried in greenhouses
VARIETY Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
ELEVATION 1,600 - 1,850 masl

The Zelaya family knows that cultivating amazing coffee lies in following tradition and deeply understanding the land. Their knowledge, paired with optimal environmental conditions in their region, are what make their coffee so great. The coffee that comes from Antigua is renowned around the world, and we’re proud to have directly partnered with the Zelaya family, to make sure you’re getting the best flavor possible. Light acidity, subtle notes of tropical fruit and caramel, and a lovely chocolate body -- every aspect of this incredible coffee is the result of decades-long tradition. 

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